Ian Chalgren, the founder of CMF Publishing, joins us for Ep. 396 to talk about his latest book: The Uncanny Covers Ocular Edition, an art book with over 200 pages of original Marvel comic art from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Learn how Ian leveraged his passion projects to get work with publishers like Fantagraphics , Dark Horse, and Syzygy! Also in this episode:  A tribute to the late great, and quintessential Spider-Man artist, John Romita Sr, and get ready for another comic giveaway contest announcement!

Download a digital copy of The Uncanny Covers here, and the ROM Ocular Edition book here 


  • An introduction to Ian Chalgren & The Uncanny Covers – 03:44
  • Ian’s advice for aspiring book designers and comic creators – 18:57
  • John Romita Sr. Tribute – 29:05
  • The iconic covers of John Romita Sr. – 46:55
  • Ben’s Top Three August Comic Picks – 01:01:42 (The Sacrificers #1 , The Cull #1, & Ghost Rider / Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance – Alpha #1)
  • Comic Giveaway Contest (submit a question for our upcoming 400th episode here and be automatically be entered in a raffle for exclusive comics) – 01:14:23
  • Essential Marvel reading recommendations for new readers – 01:22:43


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