About Badr Milligan

A project manager, podcaster, and a professional moderator all rolled-into-one.

Badr Milligan

Badr Milligan is a project manager, podcaster, and a professional moderator all rolled into one.

To date, he’s hosted and produced over 600 episodes of the award-winning (and still ongoing) podcast: The Short Box: A Comic Book Talk Show, and launched a second one in 2021 about music discovery called The Nexxt Spin. He’s also been invited to conferences and conventions around the country to host engaging panels and thought-provoking interviews for audiences

In 2018, Badr became a community leader and co-founder of the Jax Podcaster’s United Group: A collective of 400+ audio creators, dedicated to serving and educating aspiring and veteran podcasters in Northeast, FL through collaborative events and community outreach.

Badr has now been connecting people, and story makers, with listeners around the world, through podcasts for the past 11 yrs. Occasionally, you can find Badr in front of the camera on YouTube, as part of the Buzzsprout Content Team, educating and inspiring the next generation of audio creators. Badr is also a veteran of the Florida Air National Guard, and currently runs his own business, The Short Box Entertainment Company

About Us

Since 2012, The Short Box Entertainment has entertained comic book and pop-culture fans around the world with live events, an award-winning podcast, and iconic interviews and panels with the best creators in the industry. Our worldwide audience ranges from the most novice comic fans to the ultimate comic collectors and pop culture connoisseurs