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unfinished draft mention live shows, hosting panels for conventions, MC’ing for events (GAAM, food drive) video material.

Since 2012 The Short Box Entertainment has crafted an award-winning podcast, packed venues for their live shows, and moderated panels for popular conventions. We’ve produced over two-hundred and fifty episodes of content including interviews with comic professionals, actors, musicians, and content creators.

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The Short Box is an award-winning comic-book and pop-culture podcast based in Jacksonville, FL, created in 2012 and hosted by Badr, Cesar, Ed, Ashley, and Drew. The show is on its sixth season of releasing weekly opinionated discussions centered around comic & pop-culture topics. Industry professionals, actors, musicians, and content creators regularly join the show to chat about projects and the latest fandom news. If you’ve ever asked, “What’s worth checking out?”, look no further and take a listen! Become a Short Box Patron to get access to bonus episodes, unreleased interviews, and more! Check out what we have to offer for your support here: patreon.com/theshortbox .

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