David Harper, dubbed the “Reggie Miller of comic interviews” by Mike Del Mundo himself, is the host of the Off Panel podcast and the founder/writer of the comic site: SKTCHD. He joins Badr for a deep-dive conversation about comics, journalism, basketball, Pizza Hut…and Stiltman?!

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  • An introduction to David Harper – 10:50
  • Breaking into comic journalism and the origin of SKTCHD & Off Panel – 20:32
  • Advice for getting new people into comics – 41:12
  • How to prioritize your comics and reading order with The Immediacy Index  – 48:03
  • The Story Behind the X-Men x Pizza Hut Promotion – 51:08
  • The “Five F’s” to staying consistent in podcasting and writing – 56:51
  • The unlikely charm of Stiltman  – 01:01:17
  • David’s Comic Artist Mt. Rushmore – 01:08:32
  • Advice for aspiring podcasters & comic writers – 01:22:54
  • Ben’s Top 3 Comic Picks! (Space Outlaw #1, The Incredible Hulk #1, & Creed Next Round #1) – 01:26:14
  • BOOM Studios comics giveaway! (Write in and tell us your favorite comic series from BOOM Studios, and automatically be entered) – 01:36:38

Jax friends, join us, for the 2nd Duval Comic and Zine Fest (DCAZ) on June 10th!

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