Acclaimed horror author and comic writer, Joe Hill, joins the show for Ep. 407 to talk about his favorite horror comics and scary movies, the making of Locke & Key, his encounters with the supernatural, the future of Hill House Comics, and settles the Marvel vs DC debate once and for all!

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  • Upbringing and early exposure to comics – 11:59
  • The making of Locke & Key – 16:41
  • Joe Hill’s first credited comic work: Spider-Man Unlimited #4 – 25:03
  • Ghost stories and supernatural encounters – 33:08
  • The best horror masks in film – 44:51
  • Starting the Hill House Comics imprint at DC – 51:34
  • Marvel vs DC –  01:11:51
  • Joe Hill’s new book and future projects’ announcement – 01:26:58
  • Advice for aspiring writers – 01:38:55


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