Legendary Hip-Hop journalist, rapper, host, and VP of Genius, Rob Markman, sits down with Badr for an in-depth conversation about the not-so-secret connection between comic books and hip-hop culture, growing up in NY in the 80s, writing comics for Marvel and DC, childhood friend turned comics pro (Damion Scott), behind-the-scenes stories about some of his most iconic interviews, his Top 5 MC list, controversy, and becoming a rapper in his own right

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  • Discussing the connection between comics and hip-hop – 08:01
  • Growing up collecting comics in Brooklyn – 11:16
  • Writing comics for Marvel & DC – 23:41
  • Career retrospective: 20 yrs as a hip-hop journalist – 40:16
  • The best years in Hip-hop – 51:14
  • Starting a rap career – 01:12:22
  • Top 5 MC’s & Top 5 Comics Artists – 01:23:06


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