Welcome to an epic celebration, 11 yrs in the making, Short Box Nation. We finally made it to the 400 Club! 

In this episode, we review the best comics to ever reach 400 issues, discuss one of the weirdest X-Men stories possibly ever written, take a trip down memory lane with friends and listeners of the show (big shout-out to everyone who sent in something!), and Cesar treats everyone to an epic roast of Badr. Watch the video version of this episode on YouTube!

  • The Best 400th Issue Comics roundtable discussion – 00:09:32
  • X-Men #400: The Craziest X-men Comic We’ve Ever Read  – 00:31:54
  • Call-in Show Segment – 00:51:40 (in order of appearance:) 
  • The Roast of Badr – 02:00:49


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