Argentina-born comic artist Juan Gedeon joins Badr to talk about the comic scene back home, the letter column that landed him a job at Marvel, creating The Jurassic League with Daniel Warren Johnson, dealing with critics (and dinophiles?!), and explains why Venom is his favorite character to draw (purchase stickers here). Watch the uncut video version of this podcast here 


  • Argentine comics and comic culture in Argentina – 07:21
  • Earliest comic memory & working in advertising – 12:12
  • Breaking into comics with Ghost Racers – 23:19
  • Working on Jurassic League – 41:14
  • Dealing with critics and dinophiles – 55:40
  • Favorite comic artists and inspirations – 01:02:41
  • Drawing Venom – 01:12:42
  • Advice for aspiring comic artists – 01:18:30


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