Chris Piers is an artist, former real-life superhero, and the host of the popular comic YouTube channel: Comic Tropes. He’s on the show to talk about his first comic project: an exclusive Vampirella cover for Dynamite Entertainment! Watch the video version of this podcast on YouTube, and get the comic here


  • Getting the opportunity to draw Vampirella – 09:55
  • The pressures of working on a legacy comic character – 12:41
  • How Comic Tropes was started – 20:45
  • Manga appreciation and reading recommendations – 38:46
  • Inspirations and favorite comic artists of all time – 51:01
  • Being a real-life superhero in the River City Superhero Movement – 52:42
  • Advice for aspiring YouTubers and how to launch a successful comic campaign – 59:31


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