Andrew Robinson is a master comic artist, painter, and multimedia artist who has been working in comics for nearly 30 years.  He joins Badr to talk about his upcoming appearance at Collective Con (get your tickets here!), and looks back on his experiences in the comic book industry, including the awards won, friends made, and covers that made him a superstar.  


  • Humble beginnings: Growing up on a farm – 04:55
  • Working with Rick Remender throughout the years – 07:14
  • Creating covers for Marvel and DC Comics – 10:14
  • Working with different media, and the life of a working comic artist  – 00:14:50
  • Andrew Robinson’s comic artist Mt. Rushmore – 22:36
  • Finding inspiration from jazz album covers – 28:26
  • The difficult process of drawing The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story – 32:59
  • Most memorable convention experience – 41:04
  • Advice for aspiring comic creators – 43:48


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